About Me

My passion for organization came at an early age.  I was the fourth child born to a woman with Multiple Sclerosis who became completely bedridden by the time I was five and to a wonderful man who would easily be classified as a pack rat.  Dad did his best to manage the household, caring for my mother and raising four small children while working a full time job.  Lots of things went undone as you might imagine, except for the ever collecting of ice cream buckets, milk cartons, mountains of newspapers, unopened mail and the like.  The general chaos and disorganization was very unsettling to me.  

As we got older we did our best to clean and organize but it always seemed to be an uphill battle.  Some of my happiest childhood memories were the sporadic occasions when Grandma or one of our aunts would mercifully show up and spend the day cleaning and trying to make sense and order of heaps of laundry and endless clutter piled up on any and all possible surfaces.  I remember thinking as a kid, "when I'm a grown up, things are going to be neat & clean!"

As an adult, I am now enjoying that neat, clean, tidy, organized life that I yearned for as a child.  I take great pleasure in being teased (or admired, depending on the audience) for having all of my spices lined up like little soldiers, having each hanger meticulously and precisely evenly spaced from its neighboring hanger and labeling anything that could possibly beg the question "what's in that?"!