Do you work alone or with others?

It is just myself doing the actual work with you or for you.  

Will you work with me or on your own?  

It is entirely up to you.  I can work in one of two ways; one would be very hands-on, leading and guiding you through the organizing process.  You would be working directly with me making decisions on “keep, toss, donate, etc.”  The other would be you saying your going out  lunch, "please unclutter this clutter - I’ll see you later!"  I am more than happy to get down-and-dirty on my own and very much enjoy the idea of clients coming home to a completely transformed and beautifully organized space.

Will my sessions be confidential?  

Absolutely!  I have the upmost respect for your privacy and you can rest assured that all conversations, meetings and sessions are strictly between you and I.

Do you charge for commute or fuel expenses to and from project sites?   

In cases where the job site is beyond 25 miles from my business address, I charge a $80/ hour organizing fee to compensate for time and gas.  Otherwise no, I do not.  

Do you shop for products and if so how much do you charge for your shopping time?  

In most cases, some organizational items will need to be purchased such as bins, storage buckets, hangers, etc. depending on the project.  I only charge what I pay for items with no up charge .  (Itemized receipts will be provided.)  My fee for shopping time is $30 per hour.  If you choose to shop for needed items on your own, I am happy to make recommendations for you.

Will you donate items for me?  

Yes.  I will gladly deliver one carload (large SUV) of donation items free of charge.  I will also provide tax receipts upon request.

What areas do you serve?

I work in the greater Raleigh, Durham area including Wake Forest, Cary and Chapel Hill.  

Do you have a contract or letter of agreement?  

Yes.  I will provide a letter of agreement in which I will confirm our mutual understanding and expectations as well as an outline of my process, timeline, fee structure and cancellation policy.

Are you licensed?  

U In Harmony, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State.  I maintain a Business Tax Certificate with the city of Raleigh however, the Organizing Industry is not regulated and therefore not licensed by the State of North Carolina.

Do you have professional training? 

Yes.  I am a trained professional organizer and a certified member of the Preferred Organizer Association which provides specialized, on-going education to professional organizers.